A Breath of Fresh Air in The City


I am a Classical Ballet and Pilates Instructor currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I started my dance career at the young age of 3 years old with the Alberta Ballet School. I then continued on to other ballet schools until I found my ballet home, Ballet North. Here I learned not only classical ballet, but jazz, modern and contemporary dance as well. Being partially of Ukrainian descent, my other love was Ukrainian dancing. I loved being able to express my culture through movement, stories and costumes. Starting at Veeteretz Ukrainian Dance school and ending up with Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company.

As much as I loved dancing, the relentless hours of dedication was starting to take a tole on my body and I began searching for something to bring balance back to my physical and mental health. This led me into discovering the Joseph Pilates Method of Contrology, AKA, Pilates, and needless to say, I had a new love other than dance. 


Aside from teaching me to properly care for my body, Pilates helped me recover from my muscle imbalances and grow beyond them. The Pilates technique amazed me with the possibilities of rehabilitation and improvement in physical performance and mental clarity. Pilates allows us to heal and strengthen the entire body from deep within, bringing balance back into every aspect of our lives being it mind, body and spirit.

My extensive background in dance and Pilates, combined with my continued thirst for knowledge and expansion, has allowed me the priviledge of working with all ages and all levels of beautiful souls for 22 years. My true passion is helping others and empowing them to be confident in their daily lives. Witnessing someone stand taller, walk smoother, bring movement and breath back into their lives and watching chronic pain melt away has truly been a blessing. Seeing the joy in others, brings me joy and I sincerely hope you will find a new passion for life with the Pilates Method just as I did.  Let's grow and heal together!

Breathing is the first part of life, and the last.
Joseph Pilates

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